In Memoriam: Rev. Keith Forster was born and raised in Sacramento.  He began his ministerial life right here as a student at St. Anthony’s Seminary, following in the footsteps of his father, who had come to St. Anthony’s from  in 1907.  Keith was ordained a Franciscan priest in 1961.  He left the ministry and married Nancy in 1971. He worked for the California Department of Rehabilitation as a rehabilitation counselor and, in 1984, moved to Santa Barbara where he was active at the Braille Institute teaching woodworking classes.  He was called by the St. Anthony’s community in 2010 and resumed his priestly calling then. Keith passed away in 2018.  We miss him very much.

Rev. John Hydar “escaped” from Milwaukee to California at age six.  He felt a deep calling to the priesthood at an early age and entered the Junior Seminary in the ninth grade.  He was ordained in 1950 and was active in the priesthood until his departure in 1969.  He married Roberta in 1971 and worked in vocational rehabilitation while earning a Masters of Rehabilitation Administration from USF in 1984.  He resumed his ministry in the 1990’s, performing weddings and funerals.  He was called to St. Anthony’s in 2010.  He can be reached at

Rev. Dr. Grandma Cynthia Yoshitomi is also a native Californian who was raised in a multiethnic environment: her father was Catholic, her mother was LDS (Mormon) and she grew up in an ethnically-mixed Los Angeles neighborhood.  (She remembers going to her LDS primary lessons in her Catholic School uniform.) She holds a BA in Leisure Studies, an MA in Educational Administration and a Doctorate in Ministry.  For more than twenty years Cindy worked in campus ministry at Alverno High School, Occidental College and UCLA.  She was Chair on the L.A. Archdiocese task force on the Status of Women in the Church.  She also served as a human relations trainer for the National Conference of Christians and Jews’ Green Circle Program in L.A.  Cindy is a long-time friend of the LGBT community and is considered a Womanist-Feminist Interreligious practitioner and leader.  She is married to Jerry Yoshitomi.  They have two grown sons and two grandchildren. She can be reached at