Welcome to the St. Anthony Community! Sunday liturgies are held at 9:30 AM in the St. Anthony chapel, behind Old Mission Santa Barbara. The entrance is via a private drive off Garden St. It is the virtal continuation of Pueblo St. Drive through the two brick pillars and follow the asphalt driveway. Click the address below for a Google map.

2300 Garden St, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Current and former Catholics interested in an alternative vision of Church, in which duly prepared and ordained Catholic priests,  without regard to their marital status or gender, are authentically called by the community to preside at its Eucharistic celebrations and other sacramental functions, will find the St. Anthony Community an attractive and welcoming place to gather on Sunday mornings.

Celebrating the ordination to the priesthood of our parishioner, Cindy Yoshitomi, Sept. 24, 2017
Prior to Cindy’s ordination, our presiders (all married priests, l. to r.) were
Keith Forster, Dudley Conneely, and John Hydar.

The addition of Cindy Yoshitomi to our pastoral staff is further
enriched by the presence of her husband Jerry (standing, in pew).




Who we are…

St. Anthony’s is an inclusive Catholic community where all are welcomed.  We exercise Eucharistic hospitality; we invite all believers to share in the liturgy of God’s word, the breaking and sharing of bread, and the service of others.  No one is turned away.  Our welcome is deep and sincere.
Our members believe it is the Spirit of God who has nurtured and led this independent, intentional faith community from its beginnings, in orthodoxy, to its present inclusive services, led by married priests.  We define ourselves as “Pilgrim people,” a phrase used by Vatican II to remind all Catholics that they are the church.  According to St. Peter, we are all the people of God, and we see ourselves as embracing and following the way of Jesus as we reach out to love all and serve all.

Our focus is on doing what Jesus taught.  Creeds and dogmatic statements are important, but it is how we live, as well as what we say, that is important.  We strive to live by the love the Gospel proclaims and to daily apply that love to the journey of life.  Among other service projects, we help once a week with meal preparation at Case Esperanza and once a month our whole community provides a meal for Transition House.  In addition to these and other service projects, our community provides financial assistance to a wide range of charitable needs.

We consider our community to be in unity with the larger Church, rooted in the teachings of Jesus and the viewpoint of Vatican II.  We recognize that all baptized persons are called to ministry, not just a clerical caste.  We believe as well that all Christians are called to witness to their faith. This belief results in a revived spirituality that sees us as adults before God, able to make and act on sound decisions, as led by the Holy Spirit.

We are a hospitable and friendly people.  Our love for each other–and all in attendance– is palpable.  We say of ourselves: “We are a pilgrim people, a people on the journey, a people seeking and responding to truth.  We are witnesses to Christ, who is salt, leaven and light.”

    We hope you join us.